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Technology, Processes, and Services

Axiom-One combines advanced software, effective processes, and
data science services to jump-start your analytics success

The core of Axiom-One is an advanced software platform including AI technologies such as supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing, forecasting, statistics, and dashboarding.

Axiom-One provides you with  integration tools to transform and standardize  your systems' data and import it into Axiom-One's transportation-specific database model.

From initial deployment to each quarterly customer review, we revisit our customers' strategic goals and plan how to augment their business using our analytics implementation methodology

Our team leads customers through best practices in data storytelling and annotations so that you can deliver highly-impactful  messages to your executives, teams, and customers.

When our customers need additional assistance or custom data sciences services, the Third Axiom team is ready to provide you with the help you need to achieve your unique goals.

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