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Harness technology for your business needs

Analytics, machine learning, cloud-based computing... these technologies can be essential to compete in today's volatile markets, but advanced computing typically requires large investments in time, expertise, and resources. 

The Third Axiom platform was built specifically for your unique  transportation  business needs, allowing you  to quickly and efficiently deliver advanced solutions tailored to your organization and your customers. 

We invite you to experience our software solutions and learn how to harness advanced technologies for your strategic needs!

Cloud-Based Customer Dashboards

Let your customers log in and see their data on beautiful interactive dashboards. Deliver new dashboards quickly and efficiently

Intelligent Integration

Even in today's world of feature-rich technology solutions, integrations continues to be a difficult and costly part of any implementation project. In addition, dashboards and analytics that integrate data from multiple sources require additional data anomaly detection and the ability to either discard bad data or transform it into standard values.

The Third Axiom platform brings decades of experience in integration transportation data together to deliver a highly efficient and capable engine for data integrations and transformation.

Machine Learning Powered by Your Historical Data

Predict shipping volume, rates, optimal carriers, and more using  models trained on the transportation data fields most relevant to your specific data sets. 

Are some customers multi-modal?  Do others have patterns in shipping by day-of-week?  Our modeling workbench lets you easily create targeted training data sets and then shows you what fields are best for predictive modeling.

Logistics-Specific External Data Sources

The Third Axiom platform brings together multiple external data sources for routing and mileage,  weather, quote predictions, and market forecasts.

Turn on or off external data feeds with the click of a button, with no development required by your team!

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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