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An Intelligence Platform
for Transportation

Axiom-One is a SaaS platform by Third Axiom Solutions that delivers insights, prescriptive actions, and rapid communications to transportation professionals and enables them to solve their most critical business problems.

The data intelligence space is crowded with new tech startups and veteran industry giants, but Third Axiom offers a truly unique software platform that integrates our deep roots in logistics with advanced AI and ML software capabilities. 


Our goal is to provide easily-configurable AI-based solutions (that actually work!) to an industry desperate for someone to trust. Avoid steep learning curves, complex onboarding, and lengthy custom development projects - our platform is easy, intuitive, and ready-to-deploy. Your data joined with our insights will give you the intelligence you need to make informed strategic decisions.

Advanced technology. Affordable price.

Analytics, machine learning, cloud-based computing... these technologies can be essential to compete in today's volatile markets. The catch is that advanced computing typically requires large investments in time, expertise, and resources. 

Axiom-One is a truly affordable one-stop solution built specifically for your unique  transportation  business needs. With Axiom-One you can deploy effective solutions that adapt to your organization and your customers, all without breaking the bank.

We invite you to reach out to our team to discuss how to harness the Axiom-One platform for your strategic needs!

Example Use Cases

Pricing Prediction

  • Develop pricing models using your own historical data to predict all-in rates, linehaul rates, fuel rates, and more

  • Configure model inputs to include both classic shipping data fields (lane, mode, weight, date, etc.) and custom reference values applicable only to your organization

  • Fine-tune predictions using 3rd-party data sources for lane averages, market conditions, and weather

Carrier Cost Monitoring

  • Set alert thresholds for numeric shipment values like total carrier cost, linehaul cost, fuel, or accessorials

  • Establish thresholds on almost any shipment field  combination including lane, customer, carrier and more

  • Automatically adapt thresholds to market conditions when prices rise or fall (e.g., fuel costs)

  • Alert staff and/or customers via email, text, Teams message, etc. as each high-cost shipment is detected

Tender Reject Classification

  • Classify shipment tender rejects as "valid" or "invalid" ​using criteria such as tender lead time, lane, and carrier

  • Specify contractual carrier commitment by day, week, or  month to allow for differences by carrier, customer, and lane 

  • Identify and detect important trends in tender rejections

  • Alert staff and/or customers via email, text, Teams message, etc. when "invalid" tender rejects occur

Lane Shift Detection

  • Establish valid shipping origin and/or destination points for particular customers, lanes, carrier, etc.

  • Flag shipments which deviate from the designated valid origin or destination points

  • Alert staff and/or customers via email, text, Teams message, etc. as lane-shifting occurs

  • Automatically adapt and quiet notifications as  lane-shifting trends become the "new normal"

And so much more!

Connecting Dots

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