1 User

2000 stored shipments (total)

Manual upload of shipments (standard Excel or JSON formats)

1 dashboard with up to 6 charts or tables

1 configurable anomaly model

1 configurable prediction model

No premium apps

Up to 1 hour of integrations
support (total)

Trial Plan


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Valid for 30 days

Small Business Plan

every month

Perfect for a small team
just starting out

3 Users

Up to 10,000 shipment add/updates
(per month)


Up to 300,000 stored shipments

1 integrations channel (standard Excel or JSON formats)

Unlimited dashboards

Up to 5 anomaly models

Up to 5 prediction models

No premium apps

Up to 4 hours of integrations
support (total)

Enterprise Plan

every month

For large-scale analytics use

25 Users

Up to 100,000 shipment add/updates
(per month)


Up to 3 million stored shipments
(total, partitioned*)

Up to 3 integrations channels (custom or standard format)

Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited anomaly models

Unlimited prediction models

Premium apps access

Up to 12 hours of integrations
support (total)

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