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Deep Roots in Logistics

A Passion for Making a Difference

Our Story

The employees at Third Axiom all share a common passion for discovering how technology can be deployed to solve real world business problems. We believe that technology can be an incredible tool for competitive advantage, and we're driven to create software solutions that your employees and customers are excited to use.

Our founders have built the very systems that some of the largest and most successful logistics companies use to run their business every day. We understand the nuances of logistics that tech companies just don’t. We know the industry and we know it’s our competitive edge.

Third Axiom was founded in 2020 by a small group of individuals with deep experience in the transportation industry.


Our Managing Partners each have 20+ years of experience in delivering SaaS software solutions to the transportation industry.


Our collective business leadership experience ranges from founding small LSP start-ups, to holding executive leadership positions at large national 3PLs, to providing supply chain consulting while working at top-tier international consulting firms.


We understand the real-world business problems facing transportation professionals, and we know how to build software that will really work in the real-world environment you operate in every day. Our promise is to think different and think bigger.

Experienced Leadership

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